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Mrs. Lisa McMillian






Lisa McMillian was always a subscriber when it came to education. She graduated from Carthage High School in 1979. Many of her peers went straight into the work force some to the military but Lisa had plans to further herself in the areas of education and career. As an excited freshman she enrolled for classes at East Texas State University where she had an interest in advertising. From strong study habits she graduated shortly in 1982 receiving a bachelors degree in Journalism-Advertising/Public Relations.


Upon graduating she quickly received a job offer from Gulf Coast Cable where she was an Advertising Assistant for a year. Although the pay was rewarding she was unsatisfied with the market in which she was working in. Lisa wanted something more fulfilling, a career where she could make a difference in the world. She wanted to be a professional in her new career field. So she returned back to East Texas State University in 1990.


She was now at her alma mater where she had a calling to teach. It made since because she was always an advocate for education. A short time later Lisa received her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. In 1984 she began her career as a Kindergarten teacher at Carthage Primary. Over the years she has been a residential and a school based substitute teacher also a volunteer as well all within the school system. She is currently a second grade teacher at Dulles Elementary.


Lisa enjoys life with her husband Audray, she is also kept busy by her two sons Michael, and Zachary. From basketball games and PTA meetings, to vacations and anniversary's with her husbands and arriving at Dulles Elementary with a smile ready to mold our youth to be leaders of the future. The busy wife, mother, teacher and professional has found time to be an active member of the non-profit organization. Reconstruction of a Survivor. Lisa is also a 20 year breast cancer survivor.



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