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Dr. Patrick B. Garvey is an Assistant Professor at U.T. MD Anderson Cancer Center. The scope of his oncologic reconstructive surgery practice includes a high volume of microvascular breast and head and neck reconstruction, advanced abdominal wall reconstruction, and complex spinal and thoracic reconstruction.

Dr. Garvey has been recognized as a thought leader in academic Plastic Surgery, internationally, nationally, and locally in the specific field of preoperative vascular mapping. In addition to this, his clinical outcomes research in areas such as abdominal wall reconstruction, breast reconstruction, spine reconstruction, and head and neck reconstruction have produced manuscripts published in high impact scientific journals providing improved algorithmic approaches for optimizing our patients care.

His primary goal has been to provide the highest quality of clinical care to our patients and to meet the reconstructive needs of our cancer patients and consulting services in a professional manner.

He would like to see more research defining best practices in reconstructive surgery based on patient outcomes so that patients everywhere can expect to receive a similar quality of care from their plastic surgeon that is based on validated treatment algorithms no matter what the clinical setting.

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